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Packs with modified atmosphere

In the case of a Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP), the natural atmosphere in the pack is replaced by an atmosphere that is appropriate for the product.

Modified atmosphere packs

The atmosphere inside a MAP pack is replaced by a gas mixture appropriate for the product in order to maintain the shape, colour and freshness of the product. This modified atmosphere usually consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.


There are many products that often utilize a modified atmosphere, such as fresh food, products containing protein, bread and baked goods, as well as certain medical and technical products.


Among the advantages of a MAP pack are the extension of the shelf life and the assurance of quality, as well as handling and transport protection of the product. When packaging food, the shelf life can be extended by the use of MAP without using food additives. Industrial and consumer goods can be protected from corrosion through the use of a modified atmosphere in the pack. In the field of medical technology, a modified atmosphere can protect sensitive medical products. 

Packaging machines and packaging materials

This type of packaging can be produced by thermoforming packaging machines, traysealers and chamber machines.

EMAP: equilibrium modified atmosphere

In the case of an EMAP pack, the atmosphere between the pack and the environment can be modified due to a micro perforation of the packaging film. An equilibrium modified atmosphere is thereby created in the pack.


EMAP is a shelf life extending equilibrium modified atmosphere for fresh fruit and fresh vegetables - whole or prepared.


The benefits of an EMAP pack include a longer shelf life of the packaged products without the use of preservatives. The sturdy, sealed pack provides handling protection at the point of sale. Stackable packs can also be attractively presented at the point of sale. With FreshSAFE, MULTIVAC provides a packaging system with an integrated perforation station for thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers, in which the top film is perforated during the packaging procedure. Accordingly, standard film can be processed and perforated film does not need to be stored.

Packaging machines and packaging materials

EMAP packs can be produced by thermoforming packaging machines, as well as by traysealers. The packaging material required is a pre-perforated film or standard film with a peforating unit from MULTIVAC.

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