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Shrinking and drying units

Our portfolio includes various shrinking and drying units, capable of seamless integration into new or existing production environments. The MULTIVAC process enables a perfect shrinking result with minimal temperature loading.

Reliability, durability and comprehensive service make MULTIVAC shrinking and drying units a resilient link in your production chain.

Drying tunnels

MULTIVAC drying tunnels ensure that their shrink packs are completely dry before further processing, such as labelling and boxing. High-performance nozzles ensure that products and packaging are not subjected to unnecessary heat. In complete packaging lines, our drying tunnels are positioned directly downstream from shrinking units.

Shrinking units

For the manufacturing of shrink packs we offer a semi-automatic shrink tank as well as fully automatic shrink tunnels. The shrinking units can be optimally combined with packaging machines and downstream systems such as drying units to form automatic lines.

MULTIVAC offers a unique, wide range of machinery to optimally meet your requirements with regard to floor space, cycle output and energy efficiency.

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